Our market expertise and network is vast. We understand the supply chain from sourcing to the consumer. Our experience is global; we’ve operated successfully in many markets and have an understanding of regulatory, cultural and business challenges and opportunities.

ITC’s Ingredient Transparency Center produces yearly insights for your team to learn where the best opportunities are in 5 key ingredient categories, along with global and market reports. Learn more about the reports, becoming a subscriber, or purchasing a report here .

Industry Transparency Center helps you stay up to date on the latest research and business trends in the natural product industry by providing free educational virtual events throughout the year with our Future of the Microbiome Series and Naturally Informed Series. 

The Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC) has identified emerging, vibrant categories within the Natural Products Industry. Through stewardship programs and association management, ITC provides leadership, mitigates confusion by providing clarity and solutions to category-specific issues so that these categories reach their full potential without exploitation. 

Over the course of its ten-plus year existence ITC, on a project basis, has served global customers across the entire natural products value chain, assisting them in reaching strategic objectives and imperatives. Want to learn more about past projects and how we may help? Click the button below to learn more.