Education & Knowledge

Industry Transparency Center proudly produces multiple educational events every year through various relationships to provide you with the most up to date happenings, and deepest content within the natural products industry.

In our Future of the Microbiome series, Industry Transparency Center and UK-based Nutraceutic bring together a comprehensive agenda to shape the future of the microbiome space. The Future of the Microbiome virtual summits combine world-class keynotes from leading researchers with insights and intelligence to help drive and validate strategy and direction. More than mere science, this series connects at discipline intersections across the microbiome space to drive new ideas, relationships and commercial opportunities.

The Naturally Informed Series powered by Industry Transparency Center and Whole Foods Magazine formed in early 2020 to keep suppliers, brands, retailers and healthcare practitioners informed on developments in the natural products industry in a highly engaging virtual environment. This educational series informs attendees about new opportunities and challenges in this space with the intention of literally enabling them to ‘master their markets’. From immunity and the microbiome to aging, mental wellness, nutri-beauty and active nutrition, there is something in the series for every stakeholder in the natural products space.

ITC regularly produces education in the form of webinars on various topics and categories to provide you with intelligence and premium content to drive business success. At the core of this content is our unique data, insights and consumer research – a wealth of knowledge! These recordings are available for you to watch at your convenience.

Healthy & Natural Chicagoland serves as a catalyst for collaboration, innovation, education and growth among Chicagoland businesses providing products and services that cultivate better consumer health and wellness.