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66% of supplement users in the US, UK and Germany said transparency increases the likelihood they’ll purchase a product

Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC) surveys thousands of consumers and practitioners throughout the U.S., U.K., and Germany on an annual basis to help companies validate market assumptions, learn about consumer mindsets, compare year over year attitudes and behaviors, and uncover insights into emerging and poorly understood ingredients. ITC delivers insights, defines a global strategy, and leads the implementation of effective action in the market.

The Industry Transparency Center (ITC) is a strategy and insights firm driving transparency in the health ingredients and natural products industries through four key pillars: Insights, Stewardship, Strategy, and Community. ITC provides guidance to organizations across the globe via strategic insights, category stewardship, world-class events and thought leadership. ITC also operates the Global Prebiotic Association, Global Curcumin Association, Collagen Stewardship Alliance and Coconut Coalition of the Americas.

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