Building a more transparent and accountable industry

The most recent broadcast wrongfully condemning dietary supplements, in this case, probiotics, aired Sunday June 28. The “60 Minutes” presentation titled “Do Probiotics Actually Do Anything?”  provided confusing and misleading information regarding the importance and efficacy of these products. The International Probiotic Association has provided a solid response to the program  in its press release – IPA Responds to 60 Minutes, but this vilification of an entire category of our industry really serves no one well.  It is fortunate though, that the category has an informed champion ready to step up and defend it. According to the IPA Press Release, several of the points to be refuted are:

  • There is evidence for the benefit of probiotics in antibiotic-associated diarrhea
  • There is evidence for reduction in allergies
  • IPA clarified aspects and details of the placebo effect
  • IPA challenged the controversial results with a commercial product
  • There is efficacy and safety data regarding probiotics in infant formula

This IPA action highlights the important role trade associations play when it comes to providing fair and balanced information regarding dietary supplements.

Industry Transparency Center “ITC” applauds and has a lengthy history of supporting this type of trade association knowing the valuable and important role to the dietary supplement industry they fulfill. Category-focused associations within our industry are able to effectively champion and steward by providing deep expertise, strong relationships and an agility and focus that often gets the job done well.  IPA and GOED (the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) are great examples of what is possible, on a global level.

As many of you know, ITC itself is deeply involved in several category-focused groups:

  • Global Prebiotic Association
  • Global Curcumin Association
  • Coconut Coalition of the Americas
  • CoQ10 Association

In addition, Industry Transparency Center has initiated the Ingredient Transparency Center to support these ingredients:

  • Astaxanthin
  • Collagen
  • Glucosamine
  • Mushroom products
  • Vitamin K-2

The Ingredient Transparency Center is dedicated to the following principles supporting these ingredients:

  • Creating clarity out of confusion
  • Driving transparency in source and supply chain
  • Demanding attribution for good science
  • Supporting quality and sustainability
  • And in general, providing focus, limiting politics and committing to establishing a unified voice and smart engagement.

Industry Transparency Center has contributed to several initiatives on behalf of the ingredients it champions. Some of the successes include:

  • Creation of educational resources to inform consumers and industry of the benefits as well as challenges faced by the category
  • Conducted extensive product testing designed to trigger better vetting processes by Amazon and other online platforms selling dietary supplements
  • Actively mitigate confusion in the category
  • Provided assistance in regulatory and commerce matters such as tariff and trade challenges and emerging global regulatory hurdles
  • Initiated citizen’s petitions to support ingredient manufacturers desires to create level playing fields

Industry Transparency Center prides itself on being collaborative, non-duplicative, thoughtful, and fully committed to building a better industry and market.

For more information on how to get involved in Industry Transparency Center’s programs and to learn about our plans  to promote and protect the dietary supplement industry please visit: Ingredient Transparency Center.