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ITC Tries It: Ancient Nutrition

According to ITC’s “US Supplement Buying Habits” the global supplement market is valued at $132 billion in 2020 alone and estimated to grow at 8% annually. But out of all the thousands of products being promoted in this industry, how do you know what works? Our team at Industry Transparency Center launched ITC Tries It to give you practical, objective  points of view from the eyes of those that have insight into the industry but may not be able to explain the difference between Cat’s Claw and Lion’s Mane. We are here to try the products so you don’t have to, so let’s try it!

Collagen, collagen

Thanks to the ITC Collagen Insight Reports, we know that Collagen has grown over 30% in the past 3 years and shows no signs of slowing down. With new collagen brands popping up every day the choices can be overwhelming. When looking to decide which collagen product to review, we searched through many flashy brands, some that promoted vegetarian collagen (a red flag in the collagen world). Then we received a recommendation to take Ancient Nutrition, a large brand in the collagen industry. They have many different formulas with additional benefits like protein, paleo, multiple collagen types – as well as additional vitamins and supplements. And with a promising mission statement: “saving the world with superfoods,” we had to give it a go!

The first “green” flag we found was that they specifically call out that collagen must come from animal sources therefore there isn’t a vegan or vegetarian collagen. And while we couldn’t find contract manufacturer or supplier info, we did find educational sources on their blog and a list of their key ingredients under each product.

Collagen Usage Frequently: US 2019-2021

ITC Collagen Consumer Survey Report 2021


Multi-Collagen Powder – Chocolate 

Background: I have always been a bit of a collagen skeptic. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is (i.e., better skin, nails, hair, etc.), but as I enter my late twenties I will take all the help I can get when it comes to healthy aging.

Packaging/Delivery Format: ★★★★☆ I will die on the hill that all powders need to come with a scoop attached to the container or lid to avoid the inevitable powder spill (I’m not trying to add 10 minutes to my routine to account for cleanup). Other than the unattached scoop, this packaging is just like any other protein powder.

Taste: ★★★★★ Tastes like a chocolate milkshake! Pro tip: mix it with your regular protein powder and Trader Joe’s Frozen Cherries and you’ll have yourself a chocolate covered cherry smoothie.

Effectiveness: After about two weeks I noticed my complexion and nails were brighter. After a full 30 days, the redness in my skin had almost completely cleared. I also appreciate the 9 grams of protein per serving, it’s a great boost for after a workout.

Would you recommend it? Yes, I will 100% repurchase and already have recommended it to all my friends!

                                               Keto Collagen

Background: I am a bit of a collagen newbie, but I have tried a few other brands in the past. The allure of reduced wrinkles, higher skin elasticity and overall improvement in skin quality has always piqued my interest. 

Packaging/Delivery Format: ★★★★★ The product came in a large plastic canister, which seems on par with the other brands that I have purchased in the past. This powder seemed to dissolve well in both cold and hot liquids, slightly better in the latter. I found it convenient just to add it to my coffee each morning.  

Taste: ★★★★★ This collagen powder was non-flavored with just a slight residual taste.  

Effectiveness: I took this product a full 30 days and can say that I have noticed a reduction in the appearance of lines on my forehead and my skin has an overall healthier appearance. I have also noticed that my hands are looking a bit more youthful, which I wasn’t expecting.  I can tell a difference in the hydration in my skin. 

Would you recommend it? Yes, I recommend this product. I have repurchased and rank it high among the collagen products I have tried so far.

Bone Broth Protein

Background: I’ve been taking collagen for a few years now, mostly for healthy aging reasons but also for joint and inflammation from years of playing soccer. I’ve used a couple of different types, flavors, and brands so I thought I would branch out to something a little different with the Bone Broth Protein formula in the ‘pure’ flavor. Bone broth is currently trending, and we’re seeing more brands picking this format. 

Packaging/Delivery Format: ★★★★☆ The product came in a large plastic jug. I feel like it could have come in a smaller canister since the product wasn’t fully to the top, but I can also repurpose the can for something else since it’s made well. I noticed this specific collagen formula does have the dreaded clumps when mixed, but I whipped out my milk frother and it did the trick.

Taste:★★☆☆☆ Not loving the “pure” flavor… I was expecting something flavorless, and you can taste hints of ‘bone’. I think going with a different flavor like chocolate might have been a better choice, and it should be mixed with a stronger beverage, like coffee.

Effectiveness: After 30 days, I have seen and felt results in beauty (hair/skin/nails) and joints. I like the added benefit of protein, so it was a great combo formula for me since I typically do not get enough protein in my diet.

 Would you recommend it? This bone broth powder kind of grew on me after I got my regime down. I think the benefits are definitely there after prolonged use… I injured my knee while consuming this collagen and recovery time was a short 2-3 days, which was a speedy recovery in my eyes. My joints and ligaments can see the benefits from this product.

ITC Tries It – Key Takeaways

Collagen was something all three of us were excited about. With all the benefits, who wouldn’t be? Ancient Nutrition not only delivered on physical benefits but also by providing clear product labeling, contact info, and educational sources (the thousands of 4+ star reviews on Amazon help too, although ours are the best) show that Ancient Nutrition is a go to brand for collagen.

 *Disclaimer: Opinions are our own, this is not an ad or paid for by Ancient Nutrition.

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