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Growth Mindset Can Lead to Growth and Trust Transparency in the Workplace

I first learned about growth mindset vs. fixed mindset from my children’s teachers. And these days, teaching the growth mindset is playing a big role in education. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a person with a fixed mindset views talent as something they have or don’t have. A person with a growth mindset enjoy challenges, strives to learn, and consistently sees potential to develop new skills—i.e., there’s no failure, only opportunity to learn. At first, I thought this concept would only lead to more of the same problems we’ve been seeing with kids not being as resilient, but I’ve watched my own children thrive in this environment and they treat most challenges as opportunities vs. obstacles.

It got me thinking—can the growth mindset work in the workplace where so often results aren’t just one thing, they’re the only thing.

According to a Harvard Business Review that cited research by Carol Dweck, the answer is a resounding “yes”. For instance, according to Zweck’s research employees in a growth mindset company are:

  • 47%likelier to say that their colleagues are trustworthy,
  • 34%likelier to feel a strong sense of ownership and commitment to the company,
  • 65%likelier to say that the company supports risk taking, and
  • 49%likelier to say that the company fosters innovation.

We’ve seen the natural products and dietary supplement industry be criticized for a lack of innovation and transparency. Implementing a growth mindset into our business fosters collaboration, innovation, commitment and trust transparency and happier employees.

Sticking with the fixed mindset will lead to cover-ups, complacency and turnover.

Many leaders when asked would report that they try to be flexible and open, and that’s a great start, but that’s not the growth mindset. To start to truly embrace the growth mindset culture, focus on growth of existing employees, keep and hire new employees who like a challenge and see it as an opportunity and encourage your team to take appropriate risks.

The dietary supplement industry needs innovation and trust transparency to survive and thrive. Implementing the growth mindset may be one way to foster innovation through calculated risk taking and improved trust transparency. And, that’s a win for everyone.

In good health,

Traci Kantowski, Communications Director, Trust Transparency