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Finding the Positive in Negative News




  1. an excessively cheerful or optimistic person.

Scott, the co-Managing Partner of Industry Transparency Center, considers me a Pollyanna, and that’s probably a decent quality to have as a communications professional as I’m usually tasked with promoting something in a positive way. When it comes to natural products and dietary supplements, there are times where we can feel dejected after negative news about the industry hits, but negative news isn’t all bad.

Here are 5 “Pollyanna” approaches to negative news:

  1. Remember you’re not alone. Sometimes it can feel like media only attacks dietary supplements, but 90% of news is negative because that’s what drives ratings. The news cycle typically lasts 24 hours or less and then people move on to the next topic.
  2. Utilize trust transparency. At its most basic definition, trust transparency is the intertwining of trust and transparency to create a culture of expectation to do the right thing. When you’re in a negative situation, if you have this culture, your stakeholders will expect and trust that you’re doing the right thing, so you owe it to them to do just that.
  3. Make it a learning experience. Reflect on the opposing viewpoint and listen to what people have to say. Maybe you do need to change some things or at least change the way you’re positioning them.
  4. Find a positive. EVERY situation has at least one positive. You may discover advocates you didn’t know you had or a new way of looking at something.
  5. Plan for the next time. Every time negative news hits, it gives you experience, which you can use to plan for the future. Remember the best defense, is a good offense and risk management planning is essential for all businesses.

Overall what we do in this industry helps people, and we can all celebrate that.

In good health,